Soft Sorrow and Miracles Lisa Smolkin

Nightly performances September 21 - 24 at 7pm, 12pm performance on September 25

Monday, September 21 / Performance 1: Work Issue

I would like to dwell in my feelings all day long but alas I must serve you and sell you products (I work in retail). I am here for you and your skincare needs. As hard as I try to put them aside, my own feelings, hopes, dreams spill through. Through my touch and the air, my despair seeps into the freshly printed market-research designed boxes of product, so pretty, so perfect. 8 hours is a very long time.

I will be interacting with Dr. Hauschka products. Dr. Hauschka is a high-end German skincare line with a cult following and heightened energetic properties.

Doors and installation 7pm. Performance 7:30pm.

Tuesday, September 22 / Performance 2: Ungame

My favourite game is called Ungame. It requires answering questions of substance such as, what are your reasons for wanting to go on living?

A participatory game of Ungame.

Game starts at 7pm.

Wednesday, September 23 / Performance 3: “You’re too Sensitive”

Are you on the lower rung if you are sensitive to and have reactions to people’s facial expressions, tones of voice, food, chemicals, animals, and staying up late? A lot of people would say that you are. But the new age requires people like us. They need Superfeelers to alert the other to what is in the air. We will feel it for you so you are free to live.

A multi-media installation on the subject of sensitivity.

Performance 7pm.

Thursday, September 24 / Performance 4: Thresholds and Attachment Issues

Step across the threshold, the unimaginable is available to you, and now everything. Our experiences happen in time and space. You cannot know right now what is on the other side. Is that like death?

Attachment issues are one way I like to understand relational problems.

An adventure course of small signs will be built and I will make contact with them in a pre-arranged path. Each attachment has the potential to activate something in an unexpected way.

Participants are then welcome to do the course for themselves.

Performance 7pm.

Friday, September 25 / Performance 5: Special Day

I have been waiting my entire life to arrive at destination: happiness. I bought these special rainbow beeswax candles with intent to burn them for the most special occasion of my life. How can one anticipate, know or decide what will be the most special occasion in their life? In this performance I will burn these candles.

I will burn candles and write in my Gratitude Journal.

Perfomance 12 noon.

Documentation by Yuula Benivolski