Sub-irrigation Brad Tinmouth

October 16 - October 29, 2014
Opening October 16, 7pm - 11pm

Exhibition text by Anastasia Howe Bukowski

Larry, thank you for adding me.

I am looking for some help here. I have never planted anything in my life but have always dreamed of growing my own garden. Should I watch all of your YouTube videos to start? How easy is it? My research has begun. Thanks for accepting me and welcoming me to this group.

I love your videos and have learned so much from them. I’m a big believer in self-sustainability! I am seeking some creative techniques to grow in a small area. The temperature here right now is in the mid-20s. I am wondering how I might build a hybrid system using five gallon grow bags and buckets. How efficient and automated is the water leveling system? Would I be able to combine this with a rainwater gathering system or is it best to attach to a hose? Thanks in advance.

Hi, I have a few more questions. Has anyone tried growing Moringa with the gutter system? Can you tell me what size grow bags you use for strawberries? How far do I need to separate the buckets if I want to plant herbs, lettuce, onions, and eggplants all together? I want to grow grape tomatoes but I am worried about conserving the surplus – does anyone have any tips for drying or canning? How tall can I expect my sunflowers to grow if I install my sub-irrigation system on a west-facing 6th balcony? Thanks, this is a very friendly group.

Can anyone take a look at this photo? What kind of spider is this? Does anyone know what kind of eggs are on the outside of my grow bag? The green caterpillars in my garden love my Black Tuscan kale but don’t touch the Red Russian kale. I found these bugs on my tomato plants today. Are they are good bugs or bad bugs? Does anyone know of any reputable farms where I can buy 1000-2000 Red Wigglers or European Night Crawlers? Thanks and good luck with your garden.

Bonjour, Larry. Soon it will be autumn here. There was a little frost last night. How long do I have to wait to harvest my spaghetti squash? If my wax beans and black eyed peas are looking ready can I harvest them now or do I have to wait for them to dry out? Is it possible for me to save my potting soil from this year in order to save money next year? What is the best and cheapest way to move my sub-irrigation system indoors for the winter? Will air pruning be as productive if I decide to move inside? I hope to optimize and maintain the efficiency of my current system indoors using grow lamps. Thanks so much for the continued success.

Thank you for having me in this awesome group. Thanks everyone for the ideas and advice. Thanks everyone you’ve helped a lot. Larry, thank you for sharing your gardening knowledge. Thank you for bringing these people together. Thank you for the inspiration. Thanks for all you do.

— Anastasia Howe Bukowski (Download PDF)

Sub-Irrigation (S-I) is a sculpture that combines several of the most efficient growing techniques in a sleek indoor/outdoor grow setup. Using a combination of hydroponics, traditional organic soil, and fully automated growing techniques, S-I presents a simple solution for sustainable gardening in any environment

About the Artist

Brad Tinmouth is an artist living and working in Toronto. His work deals with sustainable and efficient systems. He aims to make everyone as happy as he is.

Documentation by Yuula Benivolski