8eleven was a collective space run by artists in Toronto from 2014 - 2018. The project consisted of an exhibition space, a partnership based commissioning program, a publications program and an artist-multiple program. 8eleven gallery is committed to presenting curated exhibitions by emerging and established international artists in the context of site specific, cross-disciplinary practices. It also participates in art fairs, festivals, and offsite programs in a collaborative project capacity.

8eleven Curriculum Vitae


8eleven Board Members

  • Stephanie Fielding
  • Simon Schlesinger
  • Aaron Densmore
  • Maegan Broadhurst
  • Tak Pham
  • Barbora Raceviciute

Founding Members

  • Christine Atkinson
  • Xenia Benivolski
  • Stephanie Fielding
  • Isaac Flagg
  • Felix Kalmenson
  • Cameron Lee
  • Adrienne Kammerer
  • Sarah Kilpack
  • Simon Schlesinger

Past Members

  • Kate Benedict
  • Maeghan Collins
  • Ivana Didzar
  • Daniel Joyce
  • Monica Moraru
  • Sean Procyk
  • Erin Resnik
  • Sona Safaei
  • Jay Shuster
  • Fan Wu

Special thanks to Yuula Benivolski for her council and documentation, and Daniel Barber for the 8eleven logo and website.


8eleven would like to thank the following for their support: