David Court – Self-Titled (Materials for a 21st Century Room—or SWAMPED, EXHAUSTED, HESITATING)

For 8eleven, David Court presents Self-Titled (Materials for a 21st Century Room—or SWAMPED, EXHAUSTED, HESITATING), composed with Corina Copp, Katie Bethune-Leamen and others.

June 8 – July 2 Wed – Sat, 12- 5 pm

811 Gallery 233 Spadina Toronto, Canada

a marvel of tenderness—I hope this is clear. I’ve … little interest to see what it is, grief or science. you can almost think of it as an unintelligible chamber opera in four acts: purchasing, incorporating, connecting, resonating. I can’t help but feel something is missing from that, though and I’m working that out, but that’s OK, because I want a sense of the unclear and unresolved—if a coup came down and everything before the coup disappeared, something like this. we have to set out the apple SpringCushion® molded fiber trays, water the lawn, move downstairs, and these are lines, not like brushstrokes really (avoid lakes) toward a hypothetical. but by the end, because the trays are made of purple fiber (in the grapefruit trays, the honeycomb and shipping malformations are eliminated), it’s only a matter of time before

[excerpt from a text within the exhibition]

0 – Sorry

1 – I can no longer see discrete forms or objects in art as viable reflections or expressions

3 – such as any supposed “I” in the exhibition

5 – a tone that makes me nervous


2 – or any kind of instrument of salvation–

David Court is an artist and writer based in Brooklyn, NY. Court’s work is an assemblage of materials, focusing on selection, formatting and narration as modes of expression in relation to exhibition as a genre.



Steve Kado’s multi-year long effort AGPTL crashes at 8-11 after landing at ArtSpeak, RECESS and the Wattis ICA.

June 8 – July 2 2016 Wed- Sat , 12-5

811 Gallery 233 Spadina Toronto, Canada

Steve Kado was born in North York. His public speaking events, installations and image work have been presented widely at such venues as Tate Britain, Machine Project, The Wattis ICA, The Department of Safety, Gambia Castle, REDCAT and the Statens Museum for Kunst in Copenhagen. For the past five years he has co- hosted the “Talking Show” with Nicolas G Miller on KCHUNG radio, a show devoted to talking in/as/for visual art. He is also the editor-at-large for Los Angeles-based journal Prism of Reality.

*This work has been made possible by the Canada Council for the Arts. This work has not been sponsored in any way by Toyota Motors of Canada.

David Court:

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